Health of Self Approach

Dr. Goonan begins with the premise that each individual is generally healthy and has obstacles to success rather than a disorder that blocks success.  While there are symptom checklists that place labels on individuals, each client is best understood and helped by understanding their unique strengths and passions, and the manner in which their individual obstacles are getting in the way of moving forward.  Interventions focus on uncovering, highlighting, and developing strengths, while understanding, decreasing, or eliminating the obstacles that are currently preventing that individual from reaching their goals. 

Dr. Goonan develops therapeutic interventions that are consistent with the age of the individual and that individual's presenting concerns.  In the case of a child, the concerns of the individual's family or school are factored in when designing interventions.

Dr. Goonan's general intervention approaches as broken down by age are:




Young Adult


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