Goals for Sports Participants

  • Sports Participant to Athlete to Competitor (Prodigies and Protégés)
  • Sports Balance (Social, School, Work, Family, Personal Development)
    • Role of sport in the individual’s life (present and future)
  • Building Confidence through Building Character
  • Motivation (Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic, Immediate vs. Long-term)
  • Goal Setting (Outcome vs. Performance, General vs. Specific)
  • Imagery Training
  • Attention and Concentration Skills
  • Intensity Regulation (fierce versus furious and the microbreak)
  • Ideal Performance State
  • Stress Interference (Developmental vs. Problematic)


Avenues for Intervention

  • Coach/Pro Consultation
    • Team vs. Player Specific
    • Blending Mental Skills into Practice Sessions
  • Group Presentations
    • Didactic vs. Interactive
    • Team Building
    • Parent Involvement
  • Small Group Skills Training
    • Mental Skills Training
      • Goal Setting, Concentration-Refocusing, Relaxation-Energizing, Positive Self-Talk, Coping Strategies
    • Ideal Performance State
      • Positive Physical Response, Relaxation, Preparation, Ritual
    • Individualization improves outcome
  • Individualized Services
    • Self vs. Coach vs. Parent referrals
    • Parental consent for youth
    • Collaboration vs. individual issues

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