1997    Licensed Specialist in School Psychology - Texas
1996    Licensed Psychologist - Texas



Emory University, Atlanta, GA
1994    Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
1991    Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology


University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1988    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1988


Academic Honors
1992 - 1993    Senior Intern, Emory University Psychological Center, Atlanta, GA.
1988 - 1992    Graduate Fellowship, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.


American Psychological Association (APA)
Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)
Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology (AAASP)
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)
Attention Deficit Disorder Association – Southwest Region (ADDA-SR)
- Professional Advisory Committee
Houston Group Psychotherapy Society (HGPS)


1995 –              Psychologist, Private Practice, Houston, TX more

Provide individual, group, and family therapy within an outpatient environment.  Specializing in evaluations and interventions with youth with neurologically based disorders, such as attention deficit disorder, autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and executive functioning disorders.  Interventions include individual, group, and family counseling, school consultation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and video feedback.  Additional focus on identity development, and identity development disorders in adolescents and adults.  Consultation to school districts on structured teaching for autistic spectrum disorders.

1994 - 1996    Counselor, Hope Center Alternative School, Houston, TX. more
Provide individual, group, and family therapy to adolescent students labeled emotionally disturbed.  Create individual treatment plans for maximum therapeutic efficacy.  Conduct intake evaluations with psychological history and evaluation review to determine appropriate referrals.  Conduct psycho-educational parent training groups for students' families.  Assist students in developing adaptive living skills as they move toward independent living or alternative placements.

1993 - 1994    Psychology Intern, Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Houston, TX. more
Provide psychological services to veterans through individual, family, and group therapy modalities.  Conduct psychological evaluations and group therapy on an acute adult inpatient ward focusing on impulsive, characterological disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Provide consultation and detailed neuropsychological evaluations to medical units.  Participate on multidisciplinary teams designed to develop inpatient and aftercare treatment plans.  Provide consultation to medical units for substance abuse evaluations.  Conduct outpatient assessments and treatments in substance abuse disorder clinic with an emphasis on relapse prevention and twelve-step models.  Supervise Master's level student in group therapy and assessment techniques.

1994                Psychology Intern, Houston Child Guidance Center, Houston, TX. more
Provide brief, outpatient therapy and assessment to children and their families.  Co-therapist for latency age children enrolled in a partial hospitalization program.  Co-therapist for an ongoing parent support and training group.  Participate on interdisciplinary teams designing treatment programs for children and families engaged in outpatient and partial hospitalization services.

1992 - 1993    Psychology Intern, Hillside Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, GA. more
Provided weekly sessions and staff consultations for patients ages 12 to 18 in an adolescent residential treatment setting including individual, family, and group therapies.  Conducted personality, neuropsychological, and cognitive assessments of new patients, as well as reevaluations of residents as needed.  Staffings to re-evaluate and modify individual treatment plans as needed.

1992 - 1993    Senior Intern, Emory University Psychological Center, Atlanta, GA. more
Selected by the Director of the Psychological Center to serve as Senior Intern.  Served as the contact person for a community-based psychological center, staffed by faculty members and advanced clinical psychology graduate students.  In charge of conducting telephone intake evaluations to screen clients for symptom severity and degree of psychopathology, assigning therapy and assessment cases, and making referrals to other agencies as appropriate.

1989 - 1993    Psychology Extern, Emory University Psychological Center, Atlanta, GA. more
Provided individual, family, and marital therapy to community clients.  Received weekly supervised training in interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and family systems approaches.  Conducted neuropsychological, personality, and cognitive assessments of adults and youth.  Presented clinical cases and research in training conferences.  Supervised beginning therapists in assessment and individual therapy techniques.

1989 - 1993    Family Therapy Team, Emory University Psychological Center, Atlanta, GA. more
Member of family therapy team.  Participant and therapist on family therapy team for families and couples.  Supervision and treatment modalities included live observation/supervision and videotape consultation.

1992                Psychological Examiner, Cardiac Transplant Research Team, St. Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, GA. more
Administered and scored assessment batteries of cardiac patients during the assessment period and post-operative phases of transplantation.  Testing battery consists of demographic, neuropsychological, psychosocial, and personality measures.  Set up data base for statistical analyses.

1990 - 1991    Child Group Leader, Emory University Counseling Center, Atlanta, GA. more
Co-leader of biweekly sessions for children, ages 5 to 13, of single parents.  Designed activities to facilitate the children's expression of and coping with concerns regarding their family circumstances and developmental issues.

1990 - 1992    Psychological Examiner, Sickle Cell Project, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. more
Administered, scored, and interpreted psychosocial, cognitive, and neuropsychological tests administered to 4 to 21 year old youths with sickle cell disease, their siblings, and their parents.

1987 - 1988    Classroom Aide, Mt. Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. more
Assistant in preschool setting for children attending a mandatory day treatment program for at risk children.  Assisted in development and implementation of cognitive-behavioral interventions with the children.

1987 – 1988   Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. more
Assistant for research project evaluating the effects of competition on intrinsic motivation.


2008 – present    Consultant, Houston Ballet, Ben Stevenson Academy more

Provide sports psychology services to internationally recognized ballet company, students, and staff.  Services directed toward the goal of the development of optimal personal balance and well-being in a demanding artistic and athletic career path.

2007 – 2008       Consultant, Elite/TNT Tennis Academy more
Provide sports psychology services to state and nationally- ranked junior tennis players and their coaches.  Services provided include goal-setting, relaxation, guided imagery, emotional management, visual rehearsal, focus enhancement, and confidence enhancement.  Interventions contained both classroom and on-court components.

1999 – 2001     Consultant, The Nobis Group, Houston, TX more
Provide consultation to master’s level therapists in a pain management group.  Responsible for implementation of biofeedback protocols and supervision questions regarding the manner in which personality variables impacted treatment objectives within the program.  Hold semimonthly meetings with therapists to address treatment questions and continue education regarding benefits of biofeedback in a pain management regimen.

1999                 Consultant, Hope Center Alternative School, Houston, TX more
Provide consultation to alternative school for adolescents diagnosed with emotional disturbance.  Consultation included diagnosis and admission criteria, treatment planning, behavioral systems, and methods for increasing community awareness.  Provide individual and group therapy sessions to students as needed.

1998 - 1999    Psychological Consultant, Houston, TX more
Consultation to private school providing services to children with neurological-based disorders.  Responsible for the development and monitoring of individualized psychological and educational plans for youths with difficulties succeeding in other school settings.  Held weekly team meetings with teachers regarding individual progress and further modifications needed to address each student’s objectives.

1996 – 1999    Structured Teaching Consultant, Houston, TX. more
Served as a consultant to two area school districts and one private school in the implementation of structured teaching methods for youths with autism and other neurological-impairments.  Met with teachers and directors regarding progress in individual classes and future interventions.  Conducted teacher-training workshops on communication, socialization, behavioral interventions, visual structure, schedules, and work systems to increase the independent functioning of children with autism.

1990 - 1993    Psychological Consultant, Emory University Counseling Center, Atlanta, GA. more
Served as a liaison between Counseling Center and various members of the Residence Life staff.  Met regularly with Area Coordinator and had phone contact, as needed, with student Resident Directors and Resident Advisors to discuss general concerns and questions regarding specific students.  Conducted workshops as needed on issues including: eating disorders; loss; relationship difficulties; rape; stress management and study skills; depression; and peer counseling skills.

1990                Guest Lecturer for Abnormal Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

1990                Introductory Statistics Tutor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

1988 - 1990    Graduate Teaching Assistant for Adult Abnormal Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

1987               Teaching Assistant for Introductory Psychology, Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY.


2000               Project Coordinator
“The Interpersonal Adjective Scale – Adolescent version: Toward understanding the development and expression of a self in adolescence”.

1993 - 1994    Dissertation Research, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
"The Display of Interpersonal Style and Complementarity: The Influence of Situational Congruity and Interactants' Sex on the Behaviors and Preferences of Various Interpersonal Styles."

1988 - 1993    Research Assistant, Human Relations Laboratory, Emory University Department of Psychology, Atlanta, GA. more

Participated in the ongoing research projects involving the antecedents and correlates of locus of control.  Participated in ongoing projects involving the assessment, deficit identification, and remediation of nonverbal communication skills.  Assisted in the literature review for revision of an adult abnormal psychology textbook.

1990 - 1992    Research Assistant, Sickle Cell Project, Emory University, Atlanta, GA. more
Developed methodology manuals for project designed to assess the psychosocial, cognitive, and neuropsychological functioning of youth with sickle cell disease.  Administered test protocols, and analyzed data collected on 70 children with sickle cell disease, their siblings, and their parents.  Prepared results for publications, grant proposals, and presentations at conferences.

1990        Research Assistant, St. Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, GA. more
Co-authored a successful grant proposal for study of neuropsychological, psychosocial, and emotional/personality aspects of organ transplant recipients.

1987 - 1988    Research Assistant, Mt. Hope Family Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.
Involved in several projects investigating child development and the etiology of maltreatment, including interviewing biological fathers of at risk children, analyzing mother-child interactions in Ainsworth's strange situation paradigm, and co-leading primary prevention group for at risk adolescents.


Brown, R.T., Buchanan, I. Doepke, K., Eckman, J.R., Baldwin, K., Goonan, B., Schoenherr, S. (1993). Cognitive and academic functioning in children with Sickle Cell Syndrome.  Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, 22, 207-218.

Brown, R.T, Doepke, K.J., Baldwin, K.C., Goonan, B.T., Schoenherr, S., and Kaslow, N.J. (1992). Psychosocial correlates in youth with Sickle Cell Syndrome. Poster presented at the 1992 Annual convention of the Association for the Advancement of Behavioral Therapy, Boston, MA.

Brown, R.T., Kaslow, N.J., Doepke, K., Buchanan, I., Eckman, J., Baldwin, K., Goonan, B. (1993). Psychosocial and family functioning in children with sickle cell syndrome and their mothers. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 32, 545-553.

Egan, G.J., Brown, R.T., Goonan, L., Goonan, B.T., Celano, M. (1998).  The development of decoding of emotions in children with externalizing behavioral disturbances and their normally developing peers.  Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 13, 383-396.

Goonan, B.T. (2003). Test Anxiety: Losing the Ability to Show What You Know.  In Wall, Janet, & Walz, Gary R. (Eds).  Measuring Up: Assessment Issues for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators. Greensboro, NC: ERIC Counseling and Student Services Clearinghouse.

Goonan, B.T. (1991). The competitiveness and cooperativeness of various interpersonal styles and its effect upon the decisions of others. Unpublished Master's Thesis.

Goonan, B.T. (1991). Peer mediated intervention outcomes as a function of the behaviors of the target child. Unpublished Comprehensive Examination.

Goonan, B.T., Brown, R.T., Baldwin, K., Schoenherr, S., Buchanan, I., and Eckman, J. (1991). Cognitive processing and learning disabilities in children with Sickle Cell Disease.  Poster presented at 1991 Annual National Academy of Neuropsychology meeting, Dallas, TX.

Goonan, B.T., Goonan, L.J., Brown, R.T., Buchanan, I., and Eckman, J. (1994). Sustained attention and inhibitory control in children with Sickle Cell Syndrome. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 9, 89-104.

Weinstein, J.A., Ballard, J.C., Goonan, B., Moon, W., & Knopf, I.J. (1990).  Pre-operative, post-operative, and predictive aspects of organ transplantation:  Demographic, psychological, and physical considerations.  Grant proposal submitted to the Heart Institute of St. Joseph's Hospital Research Committee, Atlanta, GA.  Funded for $25,000.


Over 50 presentations given to local area schools and organizations on topics including: Peak Performance Parenting; Bullying and Positive Peer Relationships; Executive Functioning and Attention Deficit Disorder; Emotional Regulation Disorders; Stress Management and Biofeedback; Suicidal Risk Factors and Responses; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Structured Teaching; Classroom Behavior Management; Development of Parent/Child Relationships in Adolescence; Positive Self Development in Adulthood.


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